Speech and Language Therapy

At R-SHES we understand that your ability to communicate effectively is vital. With this in mind, we are committed to building and improving your speech and language abilities through evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. Through individualized consultations, R-SHES facilitates optimal results for each patient and their families.

Key services include:
• Speech & Language Evaluations
• Child/Adult Speech Therapy
• Child/Adult Hearing Therapy

Our personalized therapy can lead to clearer speech, enhanced communication skills, and increased comprehension of oral and written language. One of R-SHES specialty services is evaluating and
diagnosing individuals with acute speech and language impairments to identify the most effective
method of alternative communication. Specialty services include training in:
• ASL (American Sign Language)
• Augmentative Communicatlon Devices

Whether inherent or environmentally induced, R-SHES offers treatment for those with head trauma, stroke, and hearing impaiments or deafness.
• Oral and receptive language delay
• Articulation and phonological deficits
• Voice and vocal disturbances
• Stuttering

Also specializing in diagnosing and treating Language Learning Disabilities (LLD), the disability that prevents the mind from collecting or storing information or blocking the learning process with some patients having no substantial disabilities. Symptoms may include:
• Poor reading skills
• Significant drop in grades
• Limited expressive oral and written language skills
• Difficulty with comprehension of oral and written language (literacy skills)

Through early detection, appropriate therapy can be planned to increase a students language skills. It is possible to see dramatic improvements in a child's development, through the use of a personalized treatment plan.

Hearing Rehabilitation

For those experiencing hearing difficulties we are dedicated to design programs that meet the Individual needs of the patient. We provide hearing screenings to adults and children in addition to personalized therapy. As a speech and language pathologist, Ms. Rodgers can design the best possible care for each patient's specific needs with consideration of language development as well as hearing rehabilitation.

Educational Services

Speech and communication are the heart of education and it is our goal to advance the skills and
independence of our clients and their families. We provide ability-appropriate services to facilitate
a more enjoyable experience and expand the potential for success. In addition to therapy, we
recommend one or several of our educational support services such as:
• Sign language interpreting
• Oral interpreting
• Academic support

We at R-SHES encourage family members, teachers and mentors to participate in the educational
service of our clients. This provides the greatest opportunity for development over speech, language, or hearing impairments.

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